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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiss

4th Physics Institute
Room 4-557
+49 711 685 69847

Office hours by arrangement

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaiser

Ultrafast Solid State Spectroscopy
Room 7M19
+49 711 689 1775

Office hours by arrangement

Dr. Heiko Linnenbank

4th Physics Institute
Room 4-311
+49 711 685 65109

Office hours by arrangement

Simon Mangold, B.Sc.

4th Physics Institute
Room 4-526
+49 711 685 65107

Office hours by arrangement

Nanooptics and its Applications


  • A list of the assigned talks can be found in ILIAS.
  • Please register for the course in ILIAS. Contact one of the supervisors if you need the password.
  • The start of the initial meeting has been shifted to 15:30.
  • The initial meeting will take place on April 11, 15:45 15:30, in room 4.342. This meeting is essential for all participants of the seminar.

Initial Meeting

Date:April 11, 15:45 15:30
Location:Seminar room 4.342
  • Technical information on the seminar
  • Presentation of available topics
  • Topic assignment

  • Topics

    In the following, we provide a list of possible topics. Please note that this list is preliminary and might be expanded or changed.

    Basic concepts
    1. Mie theory: Localized resonances in spherical particles
    2. Surface and waveguide plasmon polaritons
    3. Complex plasmonics and plasmon hybridization
    4. Quantum plasmonics
    5. Metamaterials and transformation optics
    6. Photonic crystals
    1. Light-matter interaction in plasmonic nanoantennas
    2. Metasurfaces
    3. Chirality, non-reciprocity, and optical activity in nanooptics
    4. Refractive index sensing using plasmonic nanostructures
    5. Surface- and antenna enhanced spectroscopy
    6. Near field optical spectroscopy and applications
    7. Nonlinear plasmonics – frequency conversion at the nanoscale
    8. SPASER – the plasmonic laser
    9. Adiabatic compression and strong field effects at nanotips
    10. Time resolved spectroscopy and optical control on the nanoscale