Nano-optics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials

2-day Blockseminar towards the end of the Summer Semester (mid-July)


Plasmonics and Metamaterials

1 From Mie resonances to complex plasmonic structures Mario Hentschel
2 Basics of plasmonics and metamaterials Harald Giessen
3 Negative refractive index Harald Giessen
4 Active and switchable plasmonics Mario Hentschel
5 Chiral plasmonics Mario Hentschel
6 Plasmonic skyrmions Bettina Frank


Nano-optics and Hybrid Plasmonic Structures

7 Plasmonic waveguides and integrated plasmonics on chips Bettina Frank
8 Scanning near field infrared microscopy of plasmonic structures Bettina Frank
9 Plasmonic catalysis Harald Giessen
10 Mie Voids and their applications Mario Hentschel


Plasmonic Sensing Applications

11 Plasmonic sensing using SPRs Bettina Frank
12 Gas detection using plasmonic probes Harald Giessen
13 Surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy for bio-medical applications Mario Hentschel


This image shows Harald Giessen

Harald Giessen

Prof. Dr.


This image shows Mario Hentschel

Mario Hentschel


Head of Cleanroom and Nanostructuring Facilities

This image shows Bettina Frank

Bettina Frank


Large-area and single crystalline plasmonics

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