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There are always opportunities to participate in our group's research.

Open Positions

There are always opportunities to participate in our group's research. Our institute is part of the Alexander von Humboldt network.

If you are a student and like to gain some experimental experience, please come and visit us – we have always some opportunities of lab projects and internships. If you are interested, please contact one of our group's members.

If you are looking for a Bachelor, Master, or PhD position, please have a look at the different hot research topics we are offering at the moment. In addition to these topics, we offer several cutting-edge projects in the fields of plasmonicsnanoopticsultrafast spectroscopy, and modern material systems spectroscopy. Please contact Harald Giessen for details.

Current Openings
Type Topic Contact
Bachelor/Master Holographic video displays using electrically switchable metamaterials Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Mie void nanooptics: Sensing and metasurfaces Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Quantum technology: Coupling of quantum emitters into single mode fibers Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Hydrogen green technology: Gas sensing using novel metal oxides Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Topological plasmonics: Nonlinear microscopy of skyrmion bags Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Environmental technology: Gas sensing of trace gases in the ppb range in the mid-IR Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Interferometric wavefront characterization of 3D printed micro-optics Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Near-field optical microscopy of plasmonic and polaritonic excitations Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Biomedical research: Microplastics in fish using stimulated Raman microscopy Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Protein sensing with graphene nanoantennas Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Measurement of the chirality of the smallest amount of chiral liquid Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master 5D printing Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Machine learning in combination with physical modelling for prediction of 3D printed microshapes Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Medizinische Physik / Mikrooptik: Aufbau einer implantierbaren Miniaturkamera für Herzschrittmacher Harald Giessen


Physical Optics

The Physical Optics Group is moving to the University of Graz. We offer several new positions. For further information, please take a look at the homepage or contact Prof. Thomas Weiss (


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