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There are always opportunities to participate in our group's research.

Open Positions

There are always opportunities to participate in our group's research. Our institute is part of the Alexander von Humboldt network.

If you are a student and like to gain some experimental experience, please come and visit us – we have always some opportunities of lab projects and internships. If you are interested, please contact one of our group's members.

If you are looking for a Bachelor, Master, or PhD position, please have a look at the different hot research topics we are offering at the moment. In addition to these topics, we offer several cutting-edge projects in the fields of plasmonicsnanoopticsultrafast spectroscopy, and modern material systems spectroscopy. Please contact Harald Giessen for details.

Current Openings
Type Topic Contact
Bachelor/Master Chiral sensing using plasmonic nanostructures Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Setup of a Nomarksi/Tolanski interference microscope to measure thermal expansion and thermooptical coefficients of polymers at cryogenic temperatures Harald Giessen

Laser induced damage thresholds of 3D printed functional micro-optics

Paul Ruchka
Bachelor/Master Interference microscopy setup for the measurement of temperature dependent refractive index and thermal expansion coefficient Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Plasmonically Enhanced Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Philipp Karl
Bachelor/Master Nanooptics on switchable plasmonic materials in the mid-infrared spectral region Julian Karst
Master Imaging of short-range skyrmions using s-SNOM Harald Giessen
Master Licht am Limit: Ultrakurze breitbandige Laserpulse Tobias Steinle
Bachelor/Master Metallic Spirals for Giant and Broadband Nonlinear Chiroptical Effects Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Topologische Plasmonik: Skyrmionen, Meronen und mehr Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Linking quantum optics and micromechanics: silicon nanoresonators Harald Giessen
Bachelor/Master Cavity plasmonics: strong coupling of carbon nanotube resonances with plasmonic resonances Harald Giessen
Bachelor 3D gedruckte funktionelle Mikrooptiken Harald Giessen
Bachelor Hybride Metaoberflächen und Metamaterialien Harald Giessen
Bachelor Integrierte quantenoptische Systeme Harald Giessen


Physical Optics

The Physical Optics Group is moving to the University of Graz. We offer several new positions. For further information, please take a look at the homepage or contact Prof. Thomas Weiss (


Photonic Quantum Technologies

We offer twelve PhD positions in research and one PhD position in didactics in the framework of the Research Training Group. The starting date is April 1st 2021. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Please visit our website for further details and contact:

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