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Swaathi Upendar


Theory of disordered photonic crystal fibers


  • What optical fiber modes reveal: group velocity and effective index for external perturbations
    S. Upendar, M. Schmidt and T. Weiss
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 38, 1097 (2021)
  • Orders of magnitude loss reduction in photonic bandgap fibers by engineering the core surround
    S. Upendar, R. Ando, M. Schmidt and T. Weiss
    Opt. Express 29, 8606 (2021)
  • The Optofluidic Light Cage - On-Chip Integrated Spectroscopy Using an Antiresonance Hollow Core Waveguide
    J. Kim, B. Jang, J. Gargiulo, J. Bürger, J. Zhao, S. Upendar, T. Weiss, S. Maier and M. Schmidt
    Anal. Chem. 93, 752 (2021)
  • Analytic mode normalization for the Kerr nonlinearity parameter: Prediction of nonlinear gain for leaky modes
    I. Allayarov, S. Upendar, M. Schmidt and T. Weiss
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 213905 (2018)
  • Analytical mode normalization and resonant state expansion for bound and leaky modes in optical fibers - an efficient tool to model transverse disorder
    S. Upendar, I. Allayarov, M. Schmidt and T. Weiss
    Opt. Express 26, 22536 (2018)
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