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Chemical reaction sensing with plasmonic materials


  • Predicting Laser-Induced Colors of Random Plasmonic Metasurfaces and Optimizing Image Multiplexing Using Deep Learning
    H. Ma, N. Dalloz, A. Habrard, M. Sebban, F. Sterl, H. Giessen, M. Hebert and N. Destouches
    ACS Nano 16, 9410 (2022)
  • Giant Second Harmonic Generation Enhancement in a High-Q Doubly Resonant Hybrid Plasmon-Fiber Cavity System
    Q. Ai, F. Sterl, H. Zhang, J. Wang and H. Giessen
    ACS Nano 15, 19409 (2021)
  • Shaping the color and angular appearance of plasmonic metasurfaces with tailored disorder
    F. Sterl, E. Herkert, S. Both, T. Weiss and H. Giessen
    ACS Nano 15, 10318 (2021)
  • Liquid Hydrogenation of Plasmonic Nanoantennas via Alcohol Deprotonation
    J. Karst, M. Hentschel, F. Sterl and H. Giessen
    ACS Photonics 8, 1810 (2021)
  • 3D printed hybrid refractive/diffractive achromat and apochromat for the visible wavelength range
    M. Schmid, F. Sterl, S. Thiele, A. Herkommer and H. Giessen
    Opt. Lett. 46, 2485 (2021)
  • Electrically switchable metasurface for beam steering using PEDOT polymers
    J. Ratzsch, J. Karst, J. Fu, M. Ubl, T. Pohl, F. Sterl, C. Malacrida, M. Wieland, B. Reineke, T. Zentgraf, S. Ludwigs, M. Hentschel and H. Giessen
    J. Opt. 22, 124001 (2020)
  • Watching in-situ the hydrogen diffusion dynamics in magnesium on the nanoscale
    J. Karst, F. Sterl, H. Linnenbank, T. Weiss, M. Hentschel and H. Giessen
    Science Advances 6, eaaz0566 (2020)
  • Optimizing Magnesium Thin Films for Optical Switching Applications: Rules and Recipes
    J. Karst, M. Hentschel, F. Sterl, H. Linnenbank, M. Ubl and H. Giessen
    Opt. Mater. Express 10, 1346 (2020)
  • Optical Carbon Dioxide Detection in the Visible Down to the Single Digit ppm Range using Plasmonic Perfect Absorbers
    T. Pohl, F. Sterl, N. Strohfeldt and H. Giessen
    ACS Sens. 5, 2628 (2020)
  • Ultra-broadband and Omni-directional Perfect Absorber based on Copper Nanowire/Carbon Nanotube Hierarchical Structure
    F. Kiani, F. Sterl, T. Tsoulos, K. Weber, H. Giessen and G. Tagliabue
    ACS Photonics 7, 366 (2020)
  • Low-cost hydrogen sensor in the ppm range with purely optical read-out
    E. Herkert, F. Sterl, N. Strohfeldt, R. Walter and H. Giessen
    ACS Sens. 5, 978 (2020)
  • Design principles for sensitivity optimization in plasmonic hydrogen sensors
    F. Sterl, N. Strohfeldt, S. Both, E. Herkert, T. Weiss and H. Giessen
    ACS Sens. 5, 917 (2020)
  • Highly efficient dual-fibre optical trapping with 3D printed diffractive Fresnel lenses
    A. Asadollahbaik, S. Thiele, K. Weber, A. Kumar, J. Drozella, F. Sterl, A. Herkommer, H. Giessen and J. Fick
    ACS Photonics 7, 88 (2020)
  • Electrochemistry on Inverse Copper Nanoantennas: Active Plasmonic Devices with Extraordinarily Large Resonance Shift
    A. Böhme, F. Sterl, E. Kath, M. Ubl, V. Manninen and H. Giessen
    ACS Photonics 68, 1863 (2019)
  • Nanoscale Hydrogenography on Single Magnesium Nanoparticles
    F. Sterl, H. Linnenbank, T. Steinle, F. Mörz, N. Strohfeldt and H. Giessen
    Nano Lett. 18, 4293 (2018)
  • Mathematical Modeling of a Plasmonic Palladium-Based Hydrogen Sensor
    T. Teutsch, N. Strohfeldt, F. Sterl, A. Warsewa, E. Herkert, D. Paone, H. Giessen and C. Tarín
    IEEE Sens. J. 18, 1946 (2018)
  • Large-Area Low-Cost Plasmonic Perfect Absorber Chemical Sensor Fabricated by Laser Interference Lithography
    S. Bagheri, N. Strohfeldt, F. Sterl, A. Berrier, A. Tittl and H. Giessen
    ACS Sens. 1, 1148 (2016)
  • Hydrogen-regulated chiral nanoplasmonics
    X. Duan, S. Kamin, F. Sterl, H. Giessen and N. Liu
    Nano Lett. 16, 1462 (2016)
  • Magnesium as Novel Material for Active Plasmonics in the Visible Wavelength Range
    F. Sterl, N. Strohfeldt, R. Walter, R. Griessen, A. Tittl and H. Giessen
    Nano Lett. 15, 7949 (2015)
  • Large-Area Fabrication of TiN Nanoantenna Arrays for Refractory Plasmonics in the Mid-Infrared by Femtosecond Direct Laser Writing and Interference Lithography
    S. Bagheri, C. M. Zgrabik, T. Gissibl, A. Tittl, F. Sterl, R. Walter, S. De Zuani, A. Berrier, T. Stauden, G. Richter, E. L. Hu and H. Giessen
    Opt. Mater. Express 5, 2625 (2015)
  • Large-area low-cost tunable plasmonic perfect absorber in the near-infrared by colloidal etching lithography
    R. Walter, A. Tittl, A. Berrier, F. Sterl, T. Weiss and H. Giessen
    Adv. Opt. Mater. 3, 398 (2015)
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