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Pavel Ruchka

Dipl.-Ing. | M. Sc.

3D printed fiber optics for atomic optical trapping
4th Physics Institute


+49 711 685 64961
+49 711 685 60397

Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4-507


3D-printed microoptics for efficient coupling of quantum components

  • Towards fiber-coupled plasmonic perfect absorber superconducting nanowire photodetectors for the near- and mid-infrared
    S. Mennle, P. Karl, M. Ubl, P. Ruchka, K. Weber, M. Hentschel, P. Flad and H. Giessen
    Opt. Continuum 2, 1901 (2023)
  • Microscopic 3D printed optical tweezers for atomic quantum technology
    P. Ruchka, S. Hammer, M. Rockenhäuser, R. Albrecht, J. Drozella, S. Thiele, H. Giessen and T. Langen
    Quantum Sci. Technol. 7, 045011 (2022)
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