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Simon Ristok


Complex microoptics by 3D printing
4th Physics Institute


+49 711 685 60517

Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4-555


Complex microoptics by 3D printing

  • Atomic layer deposition of conformal anti-reflective coatings on complex 3D printed micro-optical systems
    S. Ristok, P. Flad and H. Giessen
    Opt. Mater. Express 12, 2063 (2022)
  • Stitching-free 3D printing of millimeter-sized highly transparent spherical and aspherical optical components
    S. Ristok, S. Thiele, A. Toulouse, A. Herkommer and H. Giessen
    Opt. Mater. Express 10, 2370 (2020)
  • Arrays of individually controllable optical tweezers based on 3D-printed microlens arrays
    D. Schäffner, T. Preuschoff, S. Ristok, L. Brozio, M. Schlosser, H. Giessen and G. Birkl
    Opt. Express 28, 8640 (2020)
  • Mass-producible micro-optical elements by injection compression molding and focused ion beam structured titanium molding tools
    S. Ristok, M. Roeder, S. Thiele, M. Hentschel, T. Guenther, A. Zimmermann, A. Herkommer and H. Giessen
    Opt. Lett. 45, 1184 (2020)
  • Single quantum dot with microlens and 3D printed microobjective as integrated bright single photon source
    S. Fischbach, A. Schlehahn, A. Thoma, N. Srocka, T. Gissibl, S. Ristok, S. Thiele, A. Kaganskiy, A. Strittmatter, T. Heindel, S. Rodt, A. Herkommer, H. Giessen and S. Reitzenstein
    ACS Photonics 4, 1327 (2017)
  • Revealing the subfemtosecond dynamics of orbital angular momentum in nanoplasmonic vortices
    G. Spektor, D. Kilbane, A. Mahro, B. Frank, S. Ristok, L. Gal, P. Kahl, D. Podbiel, S. Mathias, H. Giessen, F. Meyer zu Heringdorf, M. Orenstein and M. Aeschlimann
    Science 355, 1187 (2017)
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