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Dominik Ludescher


Switchable plasmonic nanoantennas
4th Physics Institute


+49 711 685 64956
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Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4-514


Switchable plasmonic nanoantennas

  • Direct electron beam patterning of electro-optically active PEDOT:PSS
    S. Doshi, D. Ludescher, J. Karst, M. Floess, J. Carlström, B. Li, N. Mintz Hemed, Y. Duh, N. Melosh, M. Hentschel, M. Brongersma and H. Giessen
    Nanophotonics (2023), accepted.
  • Electrically switchable metallic polymer metasurface device with gel polymer electrolyte
    D. de Jong, J. Karst, D. Ludescher, M. Floess, S. Moell, K. Dirnberger, M. Hentschel, S. Ludwigs, P. Braun and H. Giessen
    Nanophotonics 12, 1397 (2023)
  • Optical properties of photoresists for femtosecond 3D printing: Refractive index, extinction, luminescence, dose dependence, aging, heat treatment and comparison between 1-photon and 2-photon exposure
    M. Schmid, D. Ludescher and H. Giessen
    Opt. Mater. Express 9, 4564 (2019)
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