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Yohan Lee


Active and switchable metasurfaces
4th Physics Institute


+49 711 685 64979
+49 711 685 60397

Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4-546


Active and switchable metasurfaces

  • Micro- and nanofabrication of dynamic hydrogels with multi-channel information
    M. Sitti, M. Zhang, Y. Lee, Z. Zheng, M. Turab Ali Khan, X. Lyu, J. Byun and H. Giessen
    Nature Commun. (2023), accepted.
  • Dynamic beam control based on electrically switchable nanogratings from conducting polymers
    Y. Lee, J. Karst, M. Ubl, M. Hentschel and H. Giessen
    Nanophotonics 12, 2865 (2023)
  • Electro-active metaobjective from metalenses-on-demand
    J. Karst, Y. Lee, M. Floess, M. Ubl, S. Ludwigs, M. Hentschel and H. Giessen
    Nature Commun. 13, 7183 (2022)
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