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Asa Asadollahbaik


Optical trapping


  • Emission spectroscopy of NaYF4:Eu nanorods optically trapped by Fresnel lens fibers
    A. Kumar, A. Asadollahbaik, J. Kim, K. Lahlil, S. Thiele, A. Herkommer, S. N. Chormaic, J. Kim, T. Gacoin, H. Giessen and J. Fick
    Photonics Research 10, 332 (2022)
  • Fresnel lens optical fiber tweezers to evaluate the vitality of single algae cells
    A. Asadollahbaik, A. Kumar, M. Heymann, H. Giessen and J. Fick
    Opt. Lett. 47, 170 (2022)
  • Highly efficient dual-fibre optical trapping with 3D printed diffractive Fresnel lenses
    A. Asadollahbaik, S. Thiele, K. Weber, A. Kumar, J. Drozella, F. Sterl, A. Herkommer, H. Giessen and J. Fick
    ACS Photonics 7, 88 (2020)
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