New SEM Zeiss Gemini 560

November 26, 2020

We just got our brand new Zeiss Gemini 560 ultrahigh resolution SEM installed (serial number #0001!) with the new Gemini 3 electron optics and an Oxford EDX system. The SEM features sub-nanometer resolution and can even take images in sTEM mode.

Our head of cleanroom Dr. Mario Hentschel is proud to have this state of the art machine available for our new ZAQuant (Center for applied quantum technology) building.

Our head of cleanroom next to our new Zeiss Gemini 560
EDX Measuring and Mapping
Gold Platelets
Gold Nanoballs with 18 faces
Mg film transmission electron (bright field) and secondary electron image
Transmission Electron Image (dark field) of a photon sieve
Platelet transmission electron image, directional angular dark field.
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