Group Trip 2020 to Schönau

October 5, 2020 /

The group trip took place at Schönau this year.

Our institute drove to Schönau in Rhineland-Palatinate this year. We gave our talks in a spatious gym and went hiking in the nearby forest. The panorama from the top of the castle Trifels and Fleckenstein across the hills was refreshing. We could discover the cold nuclear weapon storage bunkers in Schönau.

We visited the nuclear weapon storage at Fischbach.
Group Photo in front/on top of the nuclear weapon storage bunkers.
It was pitch dark in the bunker.
It was very windy on top of castle Trifels.
Rhineland-Platinate's hilly terrain is a beautiful scenery.
Castle Fleckenstein exhibits old constructions.
We've had a wonderful view from the top of castle Fleckenstein.
We gave our talks in a large gym.
Group Photo in front of our shelter.
Group Photo before our hike.
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