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Journal Impact Factors

JournalImpact Factor
Chemical Reviews52.613
Nature Materials39.235
Nature Nanotechnology37.490
Reviews of Modern Physics36.367
Nature Photonics32.521
Nature Physics22.727
Physics Reports20.099
Advanced Materials19.791
Reports on Progress in Physics16.620
Physical Review X14.385
ACS Nano13.709
Light: Science & Applications13.625
Nature Communications12.353
Advanced Functional Materials12.124
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition)12.102
Nano Letters12.080
Physical Review Letters08.839
Laser & Photonics Reviews08.529
ACS Photonics06.880
Advanced Optical Materials06.875
ACS Sensors05.711
Physical Review Applied04.782
Scientific Reports04.122
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics03.906
Applied Physics Letters03.844
Physical Review B03.813
Optics Letters03.589
New Journal of Physics03.579
Optics Express03.356
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology03.127
Physical Review A02.909
Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society A02.746
Optical Materials Express02.566
Journal of Optics02.323
Journal of the Optical Society of America B02.048
Optics Communications01.887
Applied Physics B01.881
Europhysics Letters01.834
physica status solidi (a)01.795
physica status solidi (b)01.729