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New Science Advances Article


 Working principle of foveated imaging: Four lenses with different focal lengths image the object. The information is later combined digitally.
3D printing process directly onto the CMOS chip.
CMOS sensor with different lenses in groups of four.
Scanning electron microscope image of a section through a micro-objective lens.
Comparison of imaging performance for the foveated (left) and the non-foveated case (right).

Our new Science Advances article 3D-printed eagle eye: Compound microlens system for foveated imaging by Simon Thiele, Kathrin Arzenbacher, Timo Gissibl, Harald Giessen, and Alois Herkommer has now been published.

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AvH Fellowship


Our former PhD student and postdoc Dr. Bernd Metzger (JILA, Boulder, University of Colorado) received an AvH fellowship for carrying out research in the group of Prof. Markus Raschke at the University of Colorado, USA. Congratulations!

New Cover Art


Our new ACS Sensors article Large-Area Low-Cost Plasmonic Perfect Absorber Chemical Sensor Fabricated by Laser Interference Lithography appeared on the cover of volume 1, number 9.

New Nature Photonics Article


Our new Nature Photonics article Two-photon direct laser writing of ultracompact multi-lens objectives by Timo Gissibl, Simon Thiele, Alois Herkommer, and Harald Giessen has now been published.

Regular arrangement of doublet lenses directly fabricated on a CMOS image sensor.
Image of a multi-lens system with a diameter of 600 µm next to a doublet lenses with a diameter of 120 µm.
Image of a multi-lens system with a diameter of 600 µm surrounded by four doublet lenses with a diameter of 120 µm.
Colored SEM-image of a miniature triplet lens directly fabricated on an optical fiber.
Colored SEM-image of a miniaturized triplet lens compared to a hair.
Colored SEM-image of a miniaturized triplet lens coming out of a cannula.

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New Nature Communications Article


Our new Nature Communications article Sub-micrometre accurate free-form optics by three-dimensional printing on single-mode fibres by T. Gissibl, S. Thiele, A. Herkommer, and H. Giessen has now been published.