Nanooptics and its Applications

In Summer 2016


  • A list of the assigned talks can be found in ILIAS.
  • Please register for the course in ILIAS. Contact one of the supervisors if you need the password.
  • The start of the initial meeting has been shifted to 15:30.
  • The initial meeting will take place on April 11, 15:45 15:30, in room 4.342. This meeting is essential for all participants of the seminar.

Initial Meeting

Date: April 11, 15:45 15:30
Location: Seminar room 4.342
  • Technical information on the seminar
  • Presentation of available topics
  • Topic assignment


In the following, we provide a list of possible topics. Please note that this list is preliminary and might be expanded or changed.

Basic concepts
  1. Mie theory: Localized resonances in spherical particles
  2. Surface and waveguide plasmon polaritons
  3. Complex plasmonics and plasmon hybridization
  4. Quantum plasmonics
  5. Metamaterials and transformation optics
  6. Photonic crystals
  1. Light-matter interaction in plasmonic nanoantennas
  2. Metasurfaces
  3. Chirality, non-reciprocity, and optical activity in nanooptics
  4. Refractive index sensing using plasmonic nanostructures
  5. Surface- and antenna enhanced spectroscopy
  6. Near field optical spectroscopy and applications
  7. Nonlinear plasmonics – frequency conversion at the nanoscale
  8. SPASER – the plasmonic laser
  9. Adiabatic compression and strong field effects at nanotips
  10. Time resolved spectroscopy and optical control on the nanoscale


This picture showsHarald Giessen
Prof. Dr.

Harald Giessen


This picture showsAndy Steinmann

Andy Steinmann

Ultrafast solid-​state lasers and optical parametric amplification

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