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News 2009

New Position


Our former PhD student Stefan Linden has been selected as the Gaede Prize Winner 2010 of the German Vacuum Society for his extensive and pioneering work on optical metamaterials. The prize money, which is 10.000 EUR, will be awarded at the DPG meeting in Regensburg in March 2010. He is going to join the University of Bonn (Department of Physics) as professor in February 2010. Congratulations!

SCoPE Opening Ceremony


Opening ceremony of SCoPE, the Stuttgart Research Center of Photonic Engineering



Congratulations to Dr. Na Liu, who was awarded the Hertha-Sponer Prize 2009 of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (3000 EUR) for the best female young physicist in Germany.



Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Thomas Weiss, who has won the "Best Poster Award" at the TACONA conference in Bad Honnef, 28.-30.10.2009. At this international workshop on theoretical and computational nano-photonics, he presented "Calculation of complex shapes in the Fourier modal method through the concept of coordinate transformations".

Group Trip


Group picture at Burg Trifels
Group picture at the beginning of our hiking tour
Some impressions from our group trip to the southern Pfalz (Rinnthal).

New Nature Materials Article


Image: Sven Hein
Image: Sven Hein
Image: Sven Hein
Image: Sven Hein
Image: Sven Hein

Our new Nature Materials article "Plasmonic analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency at the Drude damping limit" by N. Liu, L. Langguth, T. Weiss, J. Kästel, M. Fleischhauer, T. Pfau, and H. Giessen has now been published online. The article was highlighted on the cover of the September issue.

Supplementary information:

New PhD


Congratulations to Na Liu for obtaining the title Dr. rer. nat.



Some of our recent graduates.

Volleyball Tournament


Our glorious Beach Volleyball team. We ended up on 5th place in the SCOPE tournament after an undeserved 19-18 defeat against the ITO team.



Congratulations to Junior-Professor Dr. Markus Lippitz, who received the Prize of the Fachschaft for the best lecture in SS 2009 (Solid State Spectroscopy). Congratulations to our diploma students Thomas Baluktsian and Michael Gwinner who received the Artur-Fischer-Prizes (1250 EUR) for the best diplomas.



Our diploma student Michael Gwinner was awarded the "Preis der Freunde der Universität" (1000 EUR) for the best diploma 2008.

Group Picture


Our new group picture.

Optical Cloaking


Our former PhD student and postdoc Thomas Zentgraf, who is currently as Alexander-von-Humboldt scholar at the University of California in Berkeley, achieved optical cloaking. His paper was published in Nature Materials. Congratulations!

New PhD


Congratulations to Felix Hoos for obtaining the title Dr. rer. nat.



To fight their home sickness, our Bavarian colleagues organized a "Weißwurstfrühstück" in the seminar room.

Cover Competition


Na Liu and Harald Giessen are one of 13 finalists in the Materials Today cover competition. The submitted picture, taken by Ulrike Eigenthaler and Michael Hirscher at the MPI-MF, will appear on the cover page in March 2009.

ScienceWatch Interview


Harald Giessen and Na Liu talk with and answer a few questions about this month's New Hot Paper in the field of Materials Science.

New Nature Photonics Article


Our new Nature Photonics article "Stereometamaterials" by Na Liu, Hui Liu, Shining Zhu and Harald Giessen has now been published online.

Supplementary information:

New Cover


Our intern Sven Hein and his artwork made it on the cover of SMALL 3/2009. The related article was written by Michael Gwinner et al. on the fabrication of nanoscale split rings using shadow nanosphere lithography.