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News 2008



Our intern Sven Hein has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. He will join the group of Nader Engheta to work on Nanoantennas and Metamaterials in Summer of 2009. The Fulbright scholarship is besides the Rhodes scholarship one of the most prestigious scholarships.



Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Richard Taubert. He got the VEUK prize for the best diploma.

Group Trip


Group pictures at the beginning of the Widderstein tour and on top of the Widderstein (2533m) during our group trip to the Kleinwalsertal.

New PhD


Congratulations to Hongcang Guo for obtaining the title Doktor rer. nat.!

Visit Prof. Stockman


Prof. Mark Stockman (Georgia State University) is our guest professor from 1 September to 30 November 2008. He is also supported by the group of Prof. Klaus Kern at the MPI FKF. He will work with us on ultrafast nanophotonics and give a series of lectures on that topic.

Negative Refraction


Our former PhD student and Postdoc Thomas Zentgraf, now as Our former PhD student and Postdoc Thomas Zentgraf, now as with his new article in NATURE on negative refractive index in a 10-layer metallic metamaterial in the near infrared. His group also published a paper on negative refraction in the visible in a 2D metallic nanowire array in SCIENCE. Der SPIEGEL reported on their discovery.

Public Lecture


Public lecture about cloaking at the Mercedes Museum. Prof. Harald Giessen performs the equivalent of an optical cloaking experiment in an aquarium (water with sugar solution) with a green laser beam. This experiment has long been known in introductory physics and optics classes and demonstrates Fermat's principle. Light travels always the fastest path. The sugar solution has a higher refractive index and sinks to the bottom of the aquarium, whereas the less dense water is above. The green laser beam at 532 nm is refracted accordingly, being in principle able to travel around an object.



Our PhD student Tobias Utikal has been awarded the Heinrich-Düker-Prize 2008 for his lecture Atome im Blitzlichtgewitter: Erzeugung und Anwendung von ultrakurzen Laserpulsen. The award is 1500 EUR and is given for an exemplary lecture to highschool students which bridges basic research and public understanding of science.



Our Diploma student Michael Gwinner has been awarded a Bill Gates Scholarship for PhD studies at Cambridge University. He will join Trinity College andwork in the Optoelectronics Group of Sir Richard Friend and Henning Sirringhaus on organic light-emitting transistors and laser devices.

OSA Fellow


Congratulations to Harald Giessen who has been elected to Fellow of the Optical Society of America for significant contributions to ultrafast spectroscopy and pioneering work on metallic photonic crystals and metamaterials.



Na Liu of 4. Physikalisches Institut of the Universität Stuttgart has been granted the CHINESE GOVERNMENT AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SELF-FINANCED STUDENTS ABROAD by ambassador Ma in Berlin for her work on three-dimensional metamaterials. With this award and 3500 EUR the best Chinese student studying abroad is honored. Congratulations!

New PhD


Congratulations to Diana Türke for obtaining the title Doktor rer. nat.!



Congratulations to Gabi Feuerle for obtaining the title Doktor rer. sekt.!

Group Picture


Time to take a new group photo in front of the University Lake.