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Research and Lab Impressions

Some examples of complex nanostructures fabricated by electron-beam lithography
Four layer chiral plasmonic oligomer
Damaged split-ring resonators after illumination with a strong laser pulse
Double EIT structure as three-dimensional plasmonic ruler
Focussing UV light for interference lithography
Interference lithography setup
Large-area nanofabrication by interference lithography and direct laser writing
Sketch of structures fabricated by colloidal etching lithography
Dimensions of a large-area microstructured sample
Focussing light on a sample
Focussing of an ultrashort pulse on a highly nonlinear crystal
Setup for our magnetoplasmonic research
Complex 3D printed objective on an optical fiber next to a fly
Complex 3D printed objective on an optical fiber in a syringe
Regular arrangement of doublet lenses directly fabricated on a CMOS image sensor
4 complex 3D printed lens systems (enlarged version in the middle) surrounded by salt crystals
Working principle of foveated imaging
Lenses printed on a CMOS sensor for foveated imaging
Sketch of a plasmonic perfect absorber
Artist's view of a microbolometer pixel array built from a plasmonic perfect absorber
Hydrogen sensing with stacked gold/palladium cones
Hydrogen sensing with plasmonic smart dust
Sketch of chiral fields near a plasmonic helix for enantiomer discrimination
Functionalized gold nanoantennas
Excitation of plasmons with orbital angular momentum
Time-resolved dynamics of plasmons with orbital angular momentum