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Talk by Prof. Nathalie Destouches


Today Prof. Nathalie Destouches from the Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne visited our institute and gave a very interesting talk about "Laser processing of plasmonic metasurfaces for secure color printing."

Final Exam of Two of Our PhD Students


We are proud to announce that our two PhD students Joachim Krauth and Rostyslav Semenyshyn successfully took their final exam. Joachim Krauth was working in the field of nonlinear plasmonics and had his final exam on Wednesday, 30.10.2019. Rostyslav Semenyshyn was researching protein sensing using SEIRA. He took his final exam on Monday, 11.11.2019. Congratulations to both of you!

Cover Page of Advanced Photonics


Our new Advanced Photonics article Robust and rapidly tunable light source for SRS/CARS microscopy with low-intensity noise was selected as cover page for volume 1, issue 5.

Talk by Dr. Arseniy Kuznetsov


Today our guest Dr. Arseniy Kuznetsov gave a very interesting talk about his work at IMRE Singapore: "Nanoantenna spatial light modulators for next generation displays".

Mini Symposium: Resonant State Expansion of Waves in the Near and Far Field


Our Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiss organized the mini-symposium "Resonant state expansion of waves in the near and far field" together with Prof. Dr. Stefan Rotter at the WAVES 2019 in Vienna.