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Open Positions at PI4: Hiwi & Bachelor/Master Theses


The PI4 offers several open positions at the moment. These include bachelor and master theses as well as hiwi jobs. Further informations are also available at Open Positions. Feel free to apply directly or write us if there are any questions.

A few selected examples are:
Laser Spectroscopy of Rydberg Excitons in the Semiconductor Cu2O (Bachelor/Master thesis)
Plasmonic-based Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector (Master thesis)

PhD student of our institute finishes Ironman 2018 in Hawaii with a great result


Our PhD student Joachim Krauth participated this weekend at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. He finished 11th in his age group and 139th out of 2.306 overall with a fantastic time of 9:05:27. In the running he even scored 3rd in his group! Joachim, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! We are so proud of you!
You can watch him finish in the video on facebook at minute 20:23.

New Cover Art


Top Downloads from February 2018 of Optical Materials Express


Our paper by S. Kedenburg and the paper of H. Linnenbank
are among the top 10 downloaded papers of Optical Materials Express in February 2018.

Top Downloads of Optical Materials Express in February 2018

Research highlights in Nature Photonics and Nature Physics


Our work by T. Steinle concerning optical method for generating random sequences is highlighted by Nature Physics as well as Nature Photonics.
Nature Physics: A quantum coin toss by David Abergel
Nature Photonics: Optical Coin Toss by David Pile