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Recent News

SCoPE Volleyball Tournament


Image: Bettina Frank
Image: Bettina Frank
Our team "Sometimes Dangerous" won the SCoPE Volleyball Tournament without losing a single match. Congratulations!

New Science Advances Article


Symbolic image of the experimentally measured snapshots at different times for short-range surface plasmons (excited with light at 800 nm wavelength, the electron waves on a single crystalline, atomically flat gold surface), the nanofocus in the center which is created, and the electrons ejected by the nanofocus.
Schematic image of the nanofocusing of short-range surface plasmons in the center of concentric ring apertures.
Experimental setup: Plasmon excitation and imaging are realized via two photon photoemission microscopy (2PPE PEEM) at normal incidence. The plasmon excitation wavelength is 800 nm. Electrons are emitted from the plasmon wave and imaged with nanometer resolution using electron optics.
PEEM image of a 22 nm thick single crystalline gold platelet, patterned with a circular grating of 150 nm period via focused ion beam milling. The diameter of the central disk is 2 µm. The short-range plasmon couples into the disk, waves collide at the center, forming an oscillating 60x120 nm² electron hot spot, from which the electrons are emitted.

Our new Science Advances article Short-range Surface Plasmonics: Localized Electron Emission Dynamics from a 60 nm Spot on Atomically Flat Single Crystalline Gold by Bettina Frank, Philip Kahl, Daniel Podbiel, Grisha Spektor, Meir Orenstein, Liwei Fu, Thomas Weiss, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, Tim J. Davis, Frank-Joachim Meyer zu Heringdorf, and Harald Giessen has now been published.

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Group Picture


Let's take another group picture!

Preis der Freunde


Our former PhD student Dr. Tobias Steinle received the "Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart" (5000 EUR) for the best PhD thesis in 2016 from Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner, who is also an alumnus of the Department of Physics of Stuttgart University. Congratulations!

Visit of our Alumni


Image: Zweygarth
Our alumni, who did their PhD with Prof. Pilkuhn, visited their old institue.